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DNA Boots Product Translation
Accesorios para cellular = Cell phone accessories
Anguila = Eel
Armadillo = Armadillo
Avestruz = Ostrich
Bolsas = Purse
Bota = Boots
Botin = Chelsea Boots

Caballero = Man
Cachuchas = Ball caps
Camisas = Shirts
Carteras = Wallets
Chamarras = Jackets
Charro = Horsemen
Cintos = Belts
Coco = Crocodile
Collecion De Chequeras = check book covers

Dama = Lady

Espuelas = Spurs
Exoticas = Exotic

Frenos = Bits for horses

Hebillas = Buckles
Hormiguero = Ant Eater
Huaraches = Sandals

Imt/Imitacion –Real Leather, imitation exotic

Mantarraya = Manta Ray
Mezclilla = Denim
Mocasines = Loafers
Monturas = Saddles
Monturas = Saddles

Nino = Child
Nuevos Estilos = New Styles

Python = Snake

Sombreros = Hats

Tejanas = Texan
Toro = Bull leather

Zapatilla = Women’s shoes

Zapato = Men’s shoes


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